Help people create better goals faster 

We were hearing from CS that our goal create process was less than ideal. Therefore, we interviewed current customers and benchmark tested the current goal creation process. We also observed what happens when customers need to create new goals after the quarter ends. A few pain points became clear.

  • Creating subgoals is not intuitive (goals that connect to other goals). 

  • Can’t create multiple goals & milestones at once to see the big picture (examples: powerpoints, excel, word, post-its)  

  • Can’t enter detailed information for goals and milestones at once (on one page)

  • Terminology is confusing

  • Can’t move goals and milestones around during creation  - need to be more flexible

 Moderating and watching users try out the prototype

Moderating and watching users try out the prototype

Iterate, iterate, iterate


How we measured success:

We were able to reduce the time it took to create a goal from 3minutes for 1 goal, to 1 minute for multiple goals

We discovered that people like to edit their goal (over 50% within the first 24 hours).



We created a multi-goal creation experience that is intuitive and simple

  • Users work in multiple fashions and being flexible to that preference was key

  • We know people struggle to brainstorm good goals and creating a collaborative environment for them to brainstorm increased goal creation in the following quarter after we launched this new features

  • Research for this project uncovered other challenges users face (change management, career path questions) that were out of scope for this project but became priority problems product would tackle in the future.