Peer feedback


project goals

Feedback started as an addition to our already existing feature, Conversations. We believed it was the cherry on top to performance development and would serve as a signal for managers to discuss career goals with their directs. As I began researching feedback tools, I quickly realized the vast amount of tools available for people, and furthermore, the lack of consistent process from customers. Some people had a formal, long, and arduous process, while others didn't have one at all. The only consistent piece was there was no consistency. 

The bottom line was, we couldn't cater to everyone, so we wanted to exhibit the "best practice" method, with flexibility for those who needed it. The more we saw people using the first version, the more we realized we needed to expand... quickly. Although this has been our approach with other features, after V1 was launched, we changed our strategy to be "Make it your own". Users needed flexibility in the feature. Depending on the segment of employees within their company, the processes that were pre-existing, or the culture itself.

This got me excited - there were infinite options. Our main constraint were resources. Any minor change was debated, so I thoughtfully constructed the "ideal" feature, then broke it down. 

The pain points we heard were: This process takes too long/formal, I (the admin) don't want to do this. I (the end user), don't like getting biased feedback and I don't understand how feedback helps me. I (the end user), don't want my manager to see what was written about me. And I (the manager) want to check in to how my team's doing.

Below are a few wireframes and low fidelity explorations

"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time."

-Leonard Bernstein


A few shots of the final state

Design is always evolving so, "final" isn't quite final. There's a lot of opportunity in this space and the feature will evolve based on customer feedback and industry trends.



We eliminated the long process of selecting and reviewing feedback

  • We understand our users work and who they work with, we can automatically make suggestions

  • Users don't have to wait for their admins or managers to act

  • Admins and managers don't have more work to do

  • Feedback is cool and fun! It's not a chore!